Securing your website with an SSL Certificate

First things first - What is SSL?

SSL stands for "Secure Socket Layer" - and without getting overly technical, it provides a secure connection between your website and the people who visit it.

You can see if the website you're visiting is secured by SSL, by looking at your browser address bar as shown here:

A secure connection   Not secure connection

Why do I need it?

Peace of mind for your business
Without SSL someone could intercept any information sent to or received from your website. This includes any enquiry forms completed, orders taken or the admin username and password you use to login to your website CMS.

Increased confidence for your users
Adding an SSL to your website will also give your users the confidence to submit their information on your website, as they'll know you're a reputable company that takes their privacy seriously.

Better rankings by Google
Google takes data privacy very seriously and is pushing for all websites listed in its index to be secured by SSL. As such Google gives SSL secured websites a boost in their rankings and will increasingly highlight those which are not secured.

What happens next?

Unless you explicitly tell us not too (use the form below), we will be rolling out SSL certificates on all of the websites we host and manage in October 2018.

SSL certifcates are charged at £20 + VAT per month per website and you will billed automatically for this service (unless you opt-out). 

How to opt-out?

If you are still sure you don't want SSL security on your website/s and would like to opt-out of this automatic upgrade, please complete in the form below:
(don't worry your information is secured by our SSL certificate):

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