Content Outreach

There really is no other better way to demonstrate your expertise and professionalism. 

Demonstrating your credibility through content is one of the best ways to yield B2B clients, but creating content can be a lonely task at times. This is why outreach marketing is so important.

People often perceive that their latest news and blog articles are a lot of effort, for not much in return. There is some truth in this, especially if you don't have a plan of getting your voice heard.

At Dreamscape, we help you take a step back and focus on what you want to achieve. Before we even start to put 'pen to paper', we must pre-plan what it is that we want to achieve.

It is crucial that each and every blog article is treated as a business opportunity as we're looking for quality, not quantity. We must approach each blog as a marketing campaign in its own right.

We can help you to:

  • Identify campaign targets and configure performance tracking
  • Focus on exact target user personas, catering to their needs, interests, and tastes
  • Tailor the content to maximise interest, engagement and SEO performance
  • Identify the channels to promote the blog through owned, paid, and influencers
  • Plan a schedule of supporting social media announcements pre and post-content launch
  • Budget for and queue up a campaign of adverts and sponsored posts
  • Set-up a network of influencers all primed to endorse the blog
  • Choose the right date and time to launch the campaign

By following these steps we can start to help your content gather momentum and reach far greater numbers.

Interested in outreach marketing?

Let us help you take a step back and focus on what you want to achieve.

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