Google & Bing Advertising

Many business are weary of using Google AdWords. Some businesses have tried it, but to little or no success. The problem is, that unless you deploy a Pay Per Click campaign properly, then it's unlikely to yield the results you wanted.

By configuring your Google advertising correctly, Pay Per Click can quickly become a powerful and crucial component in your digital marketing strategy.

Why we like it so much:

Instant Turn it on now – turn it off in half an hour
Location specific Show your adverts to people in your local area and not Norway
Negative keywords Rule out non-specific or low value enquiries using negative keywords
Highly customisable Integrate phone tracking, business critical data and third party reviews
Intuitive reporting Combined with Google Analytics, AdWords reporting enables highly accurate conversion rate optimisation


What's more, Google AdWords enables you to create lists of visitors to your website. This allows you to customise your adverts to people who have visited different pages on your website. You can even use re-marketing to display your adverts when your target client is on another website.

Google Shopping:

Google's shopping platform is your chance to enter a UK price comparison service free of charge. Assuming your pricing is competitive, this is a great opportunity to get your products in front of a mass audience, ready to buy.

Google & Bing Advertising

Interested in Google & Bing Advertising?

All in all, Google advertising should be a marketing channel that you strongly consider to promote your business.

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