Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is the process of identifying the search terms used by your target customers when looking for your business, and optimising your website to rank as high as possible for them.

Assisting your website to gain high search engine rankings is crucial to your success. SEO must make up a part of your overall brand and marketing strategy if you want to be found on-line.

Our approach is to do the right things and to do them well. We research internet search terms extensively, advising you on our best keyword recommendations.

We then implement a diligent and thorough on-site optimisation campaign across your entire site, optimising each and every page for suitable search terms.

Once completed, we deploy your website on the search engines with precision and accuracy, managing the myriad of administrative duties required for search engine success.

The first and most important stage in this process, is selecting the right search terms to base your SEO campaign around. This is where your SEO account manager can help.

We carry out an ongoing schedule of work and on-site modifications and present you with monthly reports on crucial performance metrics such as:

  • Search engine ranking positions
  • Number of visitors V's bounce rates
  • Time on site V's pages viewed
  • Enquiry numbers / successful orders
  • Overall conversion rate figures

This data can often feed into other areas of our digital marketing service portfolio, for example; conversion rate optimisation, content outreach and social media management.

Interested in SEO?

If you’re interested in getting your website viewed by more customers, give us a call 01925 755 960 or use the form.

We would be happy to present a report on the search terms we would recommend, how often they are searched for each month and where your website could be better.