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Can your customers find you?

You might have the best products in the world, an amazing shop or website, and awesome customers service...and it would still be worth nothing if your customers can't find you.

The solution to being found by your customers used to be simple; the yellow pages.

Every home and office had one, it was easy to find a business that supplied the service or product you wanted, and there were often 100s of different business in each classification. The yellow pages provided convenience, choice and simplicity.

Today, that same convenience is literally “at your fingertips” thanks to search engines like Google. You no longer have to resort to digging out a book that's been growing dusty at the back of a cupboard. Instead, right there on your computer, tablet or more likely, your mobile phone is everything you might need just a few clicks away.

The best way for you to make sure your customers can find you? Show up in Google's search results.

So your website is up and running, you've gone through all of the steps to get it to appear when people search for you or your products/services. Job done...or is it?

Unfortunately, no. Appearing in the rankings is a good first step, you know people can find you, but will they? The likelihood of someone finding your website and clicking it is tied directly to where in the search engine results your website appears.




90% of all searches end on the first page, with 37% of those searches clicking on the first result, dropping down to 2% by the bottom of the page.

The top of page 1 of Google's search results is the equivalent of having a shop in a prime position at the top of a high-street. More people are going to see your shop, more people will come in and as a result, you'll make more sales.

As your ranking drops, it's like your shop is moving away from those high footfall areas, eventually disappearing from the high-street to relocate to some dark side street that is only ever used by people who got lost when looking for something else. Not exactly an ideal scenario for generating sales.



So what's the take-away?

Your website needs to be as easy to find as possible, remember we're aiming for the convenience the yellow pages provided. So that when you ask yourself “Can your customers find you?”, you can say “Yes, I'm rank 1, on page 1 for all of my products. When someone searches for my products and services, I am the first thing they see”.


Adam Draper

Adam Draper

SEO / PPC Manager