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[UPDATE] Google's Mobile-First's here!

Google has been sending out notifications that mobile-first indexing has been enabled to Google Webmasters, are you ready?

Since the 18th, Google has been sending notifications letting us know that 'Mobile-First indexing' has been enabled for some of our websites.

The new way Google is going to index your website that we spoke about here, has arrived! 

So far, 95% of our clients have had mobile-first indexing enabled for their website.


Here are a few of the emails we've recieved, we could have included many many more but we didn't want you scrolling that far for the useful information!

Fortunately for them, we've been working towards this change since it was first announced, and their websites are mobile-friendly and tick all of the boxes Google is looking for.

To save you digging through the information we gave you in our last post, here's a quick summary of what mobile-first indexing means for you, and a snapshot of the email we've received:

  • Once enabled for your website, Google will base your ranking on the mobile version of your website.
  • If your website is responsive and ready to be used on mobile devices, then the impact will probably be minimal. You only need to be concerned with user experience; load speed, navigation, and usability. 
  • If your website isn't optimised for mobile devices, then you're much more likely to see a drop in rankings. This isn't a great combination when combined with an already difficult user experience related to using a desktop website on a mobile device. 
  • If you have a completely separate mobile site, you'll need to ensure that the content provided on both is as consistent as possible, this might already be the case...but we've seen examples where the content is drastically different from desktop to mobile.


Got any questions? Concerned that your website might have mobile-first indexing enabled, and poor mobile optimisation? Get in touch here!

Adam Draper

Adam Draper

SEO / PPC Manager