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Celebrating The Launch Of The New Proman Website

With the recent merger of Proman and HEADS Recruitment, the company set out to find a trusted digital agency who could seize the opportunity to define and revitalise the brands into one unified digital marketing experience.

Proman is a well-established global recruitment agency who specialise in securing employment opportunities for both temporary and permanent work. Proman cover all sectors including Construction, Engineering, Finance and Distribution.

Dreamscape has been working with HEADS now Proman for more than 10 years, we have been responsible for hosting, support, design and development across all three of their sites. When the time came for HEADS to re-brand Dreamscape was a clear choice.

Design & Development

Our design & development team worked with the client to understand all of their specific’s needs for each part of the website and the required functionality. By using creative and technical specifications, personas, and USPs, we were able to create a vibrant and clear platform for the Proman group.

We were able to successfully build and define the new Proman website in the UK marketplace as a strong, stable and caring service provider. Our CMS of choice for this build was Kentico. The secure and reliable platform allows persona and content personalization as well as security for areas such as personal data and GDPR regulations.

Finished Result

The numerous technical solutions provided to Proman through their new website has provided the company with the ability to significantly reduce administrative expense and day-to-day process requirements, as well as provide client portals and training platforms.

As a result of the fantastic new website Kentico has nominated Proman as one of the best websites of October 2018. To find out more about this nomination please follow the link below:

 “I have always found Dreamscape to be very friendly, professional and they have always delivered a highly reliable, trustworthy and quality service over the years."

Patrick Ramsdale, Director, Proman Recruitment Ltd

Kerri Hannington

Kerri Hannington